After your initial period of music study, you may be thinking about exploring other programs involving your music instrument. In addition to private music lessons, the Fox River Academy has several opportunities for students to help enhance other areas of music performance. One may sign up for our Duet/Chamber Ensemble Class, which pairs students together to explore and learn duet and chamber repertoire. We also have a Community Chorus (open to individuals ages 10 and up) that meets weekly to work on various vocal works. Both of these activities do not require private lesson enrollment at the Fox River Academy.

Several of our instructors have Performance Groups or Ensembles built directly into their curriculum (to take place of a private lesson for that week) as a way to expose students to group repertoire or performance. Some instructors have ensembles that are audition-only for students interested in studying and performing in ensembles (such as our Youth and Teen/Adult Guitar Ensembles, Piano Ensemble, and Chamber Vocal Ensemble). The Academy arranges for these groups to participate in various public performances, as well as regular recitals.

Students have several opportunities for recital performance at the Academy. Throughout the year our students regularly perform in many community events and festivals. Several of our instructors also arrange for other instrument-specific recitals periodically over the course of the year, and may include opportunities for other types of performances (such as accompanists or chamber players). Once a year, we have a full academy Winter Recital (usually near the end of January) for all students. Over several weekends, students may sign out a recital time that is convenient for their schedule. Sometimes teachers designate a specific date and time for their students to participate. The Academy arranges for an outside location (to accommodate the large amount of students, their friends and family) for these performances.

Class Listings

Current Ensemble Classes

Rock Ensemble
Students will work together in a rock band on popular tunes appropriate to the instrumentation and skill level of participants. Enrollment is limited; please contact the Academy office to secure a slot.
8 sessions per quarter
Tuition: $80 (Includes class materials)
Instructor: Zach Goforth

The following classes are available for students; please call our office at 630-551-4321 for availability:

Classical Guitar Ensemble (Adult)
10-12 sessions per quarter
Instructor: Ron Stark

Classical Youth Guitar Ensemble (Child to Teen)
6-8 sessions per quarter
Tuition: $80 (Includes class materials)
Instructors: Ryan Stark and Ron Stark