Site links to music theory, history, art sites, and other places of interest

Below are some cool links to various sites our music and art teachers have visited and enjoyed. In this list, you will find everything from music games to listening lists and historic information. This site is constantly being updated, so feel free to check back regularly to see what’s new. We hope you will have fun exploring these fun internet sites!

Musical Instruments & Orchestra

New York Philharmonic website. Great graphic and fun games:

San Francisco Symphony website. Fun website for kids on introduction to orchestra:

Basic information on Musical Instruments:

Piano Technician’s Guild Official Website; History of Piano, etc:

Lean about orchestra and interview musicians:

Dallas Symphony Orchestra:

Musical Styles

Description on various musical styles:

Creating Music:


Local Concert Venues (FRAMA Passport Program)

The Fox Valley Philharmonic an Youth Symphony Orchestra:
Northern Illinois University:
Wheaton College:
Elgin Symphony Orchestra:
Illinois Valley Symphony Orchestra:
Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra:
Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra:
Aurora Youth Symphony:
DuPage Symphony Orchestra:
Salt Creek Sinfonietta:
West Suburban Symphony Orchestra:
Youth Symphony of DuPage:
Chicago Symphony Orchestra:
Civic Orchestra of Chicago:
College of DuPage:
Paramount Theater: