Traditional drumset study for Youth through Adults

Students advance in several areas of percussion studies (standard, jazz, Latin, etc) with attention and reinforcement of basic concepts such as rudiments, sight-reading, ear training, and improvisation. Snare and drum kit instruction are available.

Recommended Session Duration:
Youth – 30/45 minutes; Teenage and Adult – 45/60 minutes

Age to begin Drum lessons:
The appropriate age for starting drum lessons can vary greatly from student to student; generally student age ranges from elementary age through adult.

Starting Supplies:
Students are able to begin lessons with a practice pad before purchasing or renting a drum kit. A pair of drumsticks and a practice pad may be purchased through our Academy office or at a local music store. As they learn more about pattern basics/rudiments and stick technique, students may choose to move to a drum set.  Some students will also begin lessons on drum kit.

Our Percussion Faculty

As professional drummers and teachers, our drum instructors have experience in a broad spectrum of musical styles. Lessons are tailored to fit the level and unique needs of each individual student in a fun and inspirational environment.


Terrance Peeples

Percussion Instructor


Terrance P. Peeples is a music lecturer/percussion instructor who has spent over 20 years teaching private and group percussion instruction, along with academic courses including Percussion, History of American Popular Music and History of African-American Music classes. Mr. Peeples has a masters, bachelors and associates degrees in percussion performance with a minor in music education from Western Illinois University, Illinois State University and Joliet Jr. College. He is currently a member of the Percussive Arts Society, the Vic Firth Education team and a percussionist for

Terry was the winner of Chicagoland’s Best Drummer Contest in 1991 and also the Drum set 2001 Individual Champion at the Senior Drum Corps Finals in Syracuse, NY. He is a freelance musician in Chicagoland in which he plays jazz, rock, blues, hand drum and steel drum gigs.


Zachary Goforth

Drums, Voice, Bass Instructor


Zach Goforth is a multi-instrumentalist from Aurora, IL. He received a B.A. in Music Performance from Trinity Christian College, with focus on vocal and percussion studies. Zach has played and taught professionally for over 15 years. As a drummer, Zach has been hired to play at many youth camps, youth conferences, church music conferences, and regularly for various churches. Zach has done five tours of the U.S., smaller tours to Nashville and New York City, and continues to do live and recording session work in the Chicagoland area.

Since 2003, Zach has also worked as the Student Music Director for various churches including Community Christian Church in Montgomery and Naperville, IL, working with Jr. High and High School students. Zach brings his many years of experience as professional performer and working alongside youth into his private lessons.